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Ready to Remember Who You Really Are?

Anyone, regardless of gender, religion, spiritual belief or physical ability can do it. With my help and guidance, anyone can enter into their theta brainwave state. From there they can access information, adventures, and memories from lives they’ve lived before.

My spiritual regression technique works by having you tap into a part of the brain that is only accessed twice a day; the moment right before you wake up and the moment right before you fall asleep. The first part of the technique is generally a past life regression. Clients are guided through visualization techniques in order to uncover their past lives. This covers a number of important events including the final phase of that life, usually their death scene. This technique works closely with the super-conscious.

It is not the same subconscious that we’ve learned about in psychology classes and "normal" therapy sessions. the super-conscious is a very aware part of the mind that knows everything about you. When engaged correctly, it will relay important information for healing and personal growth that otherwise would not be accessible through the conscious.



Along with the services listed, I am now able to offer personal, one to one sessions from our home in Kilworthy, Ontario, Canada.  If you would like to make an appointment with me for a Reading/Healing/Reiki/Twin Coaching/Past Life Regression.  You can either email me at, or leave a voicemail for me  between office hrs and I will call you back on Tel 705-689-8233

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