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My personal healing/readings studio is currently open for sessions in Kilworthy

Please contact me at or Telephone: 1 (705) 394 6325 to book a session.

Upon receipt of your payment I will immediately book you in for your reading.  You must email me at or Call me on the

telephone number below in order for me to book your reading. You have a choice of a personal visit in your own home

(dependent on your location and number of people), or a Skype , Facebook messenger, Zoom or WhatsApp 1 to 1. 

Currently I am able to get you booked in within 2-7 days of receiving your payment.

You can pay by Visa Debit card by clicking below or also by E-Transfer if you are in Canada.  My email is

If someone else pays the paypal for you, you must let me know in an email or in the PayPal message so I can marry up you with the payment.

To book a house party or a personal reading in your home, call:


Mobile: 1 (705) 394 6325  

 Namaste, blessings and light.

Please scroll down to see readings/services

 I look forward to connecting with you.  Namaste xx




Personal Psychic Relationship in Depth Reading.

New to my collection of personal readings is my Personal Psychic Relationship Reading. This is specifically taylor made to look at both sides

of the relationship.  First of all I will have a look at the following:- What you want, need and how you see your partner or person in question.

Then we look at the other persons perspective and feelings about the situation/challenges by asking them the same questions. What

they want, need and how they see you.  I then look at the possible opposing forces within the relationship and lastly a final outcome card

so you know exactly where you stand and what you need to do in order to improve/change things if you want to.

Please be aware that with this sort of reading there is a chance you may learn new insights about the other person in question, that you may not

have banked on or even things within yourself that you may have to change in order to improve the relationship, should you want to.

This reading has been specifically designed to be a reading for all types of love relationships, whether it be romantic or family and friends or for

genuine twin flame relationships that you need guidance on. x

 $160CAD for a one hour session

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Full Celtic Cross Plus Extra Cards Yearly Reading

Yearly reading! (From whichever month you order for the next 12 months) Treat yourself or a friend to a full celtic cross reading and a complete

overview for the full year. (I also draw a archangel power card as overall guidance!)

You can pay by Visa Debit card by clicking below or also by E-Transfer if you are in Canada. 

My email is


If someone else pays the PayPal for you, or you are buying as a gift, you must let me know in an email or in the p

PayPal message the other persons details and date of birth, so I can marry up you with the payment. Namaste, blessings and light.

$160CAD For yearly reading.

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Emergency Reading within 24hrs

30 mins. online only to help calm and assist you through your current situation.


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Mediumship Readings available.

Contact loved ones in spirit allow them reach out and connect with you.


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30 minute psychic energy reading


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Ask 1 Question

written response within 2 weeks.


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Wellness Reading

Ask questions about your health


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Please fill the form below once you pay

 Thank you x


Email Address



Along with the services listed above, I am now able to offer personal, one to one sessions from our home in Kilworthy, Ontario, Canada.  If you would like to make an appointment with me for a Reading/Healing/Reiki/Twin Coaching.  You can either order through my website and I will answer you within 24hrs.  Email me at, or leave a voicemail for me  between office hrs and I will call you back on 705-394-6325

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