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I am so grateful for the help and guidance I have received from you its just amazing! The healing and clearing seasons have been so powerful and deep, I had not realised just how much baggage I have been carrying around for many years! you are such a lovely person and so easy to talk to about any problems I am going through. I suffer from cyclothmia and depression and your sessions has helped me tremendously to think more clearly, have confidence in myself, make decisions without feeling guilty and finally at the age of 48 being happy and enjoying life. The deep clearing is so relaxing and powerful I have never experienced such a great relief and I have been meditating for years! My luck has also changed I won £150. pounds the other week ,and have been getting good family news finally x . Thankyou so much for helping me with your guidance you are such a lovely, easy to speak to person and I can't wait for our next healing and clearing session! 


I have been getting readings from Dani (Husky Light) for a number of years now. I've found her and her guides have always been extremely accurate and amazingly insightful without being intrusive in regards to my life situations, what I'm physically feeling or doing and my general attitudes in how I may be viewing my life past, present or future.

Dani has always delivered a reading in a timely fashion with the utmost compassion, understanding and is never judgemental.

One reading with her and all doubts and fears of ordering a psychic tarot card reading are gone. I am completely confident with her. She makes the experience comfortable and safe.

Several times she has told me of something that's going to happen a few months from the reading date. I admit to having doubted the likelihood of those events happening and thought there was no chance only to find she was right...

Once you purchase a reading and it comes you own it and it can be listened too time and time again. Many times I've found things in her readings I didn't hear or pay much attention too or just didn't resonate with me the first time I've listened only to find two or three weeks later or somewhere down the road it all makes sense.

 highly recommend a reading with Dani and have to a number of friends. Without exception they are still amazed months later. Her readings are reasonably priced and well worth the investment.


Daniella, (Husky Light) has done three brilliant Dream Reports and an amazing Angel Board Reading for me. I trust her intuitive insights and continue to return to her for guidance. Her thoroughness and accuracy are admirable as she delivers her messages with much empathy and compassion. Daniella has helped me immensely with her consultations of wisdom and continuous support. She is a treasure!! I truly am blessed to have been divinely guided to Daniella's Husky Light YouTube channel which is a treasure trove of messages and spiritual teachings which resonate with me on so many levels. She is truly appreciated."

The Duchess of Stratosphere 

I came across Daniella's youtube channel accidentally (if anything ever is an accident) about  6 months ago by watching one of her readings for Aquarius and even that general reading  resonated with me so well that I asked her for a specific reading for myself.. She sent it within 3 days 

what I found really nice as sometimes you get response from other people with a much longer  waiting time and by the time you get the answer your question can become outdated. So she  understands the importance of the quick response as well.

In the first reading she did for me she mentioned something about me being pushed or forced  to join to some sort of groups or organization where would have been significant money involved  as well and she warned me not to join at any circumstances. This made no sense for me at the  time as nothing like this was happening. Until now 3 months later when somehow I came into  contact with somebody trying to do exactly just what Daniella explained in that reading. Luckily

I remembered and understood the importance of her message and was able to spot the imminent  danger and avoid it.

I would recommend Daniella wholeheartedly to anybody who feels stuck in any ways and would  need some advice or guidance on specific situation in their life. She will give you the answer you  need using her special talent and she is doing this for a very reasonable price making it available  for anybody who needs it.  Thank you Daniella!!

Ibolya from Hungary

Thank you for the reading. It was very insightful and you're right, I do "fancy" her lol. This is definitely opening my eyes with her. I don't know if you watch the office, but when I watch the show, I often compare my situation somewhat to Jim and Pam or Tim and Dawn (the UK Version). Just food for thought and a visual example. I'm going to try my best not to force anything with her and just let things play out.


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