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1 to 1 Twin Flame Healing and Guidance


Whether this is an awakening journey for you or a twin flame journey (often one and the same!), I am here to help and assist. I had an extreme and powerful Kundalini awakening  2012  which also awakened me  to my twin flame and my soul mission.

There comes a point in your life where you are catapulted onto this spiritual journey, it can get a little confusing, sometimes scary and we all need that extra help at times.

It may be you need help to manage the sometimes overwhelming energies you are dealing with, this could also be encompassing paranormal experiences, syncronicities, the feeling you are being guided towards something, or the feeling you are not alone, the sheer strength of your newly developing abilities and how on earth to handle them!. Add to this to the twin flame path and you have yourselves a road to navigate full of highs, lows and everything inbetween!.

At whatever stage you are at with your twin flame, each stage encompasses its own set of limitations and at the same time tremendous spiritual, emotional and pysical evolution within yourself. As everything in your life changes as you knew it once to be, friends could fall away, old relationships, jobs, family, emotions. This can really turn your life on its head.

This is a time where you need guidance, help, reassurance, support and understanding. Some of the things I can help you with are :

-Clarity on your mission as a twin flame answering your questions about your life path and twin flame journey

-Clearing of negative energies, parasitic implants, psychic attacks etc that could be impacting you, your twin, your mission and your union

Inner child healing

-Healing, clearing, and upgrading your energy system ( 12 chakra system, aura, , etc.) and helping you manage your sensitivity to others around you.

-Helping you with any “3D” questions — guidance on how to proceed in terms of your union, mission, and more

-Giving you tools to fuel your union no matter what is happening with your relationship

-Healing/clearing of the ancestral templates you and your twin carry

-Intuitive reading and healing of other situations in your life (work, career, marriage, children, etc.)

-Connecting you more fully with your soul/higher self and that of your twin flame

-Helping you to become the highest version of yourself, free from past Karma and ego.

There are amazing, exciting, happy and profound experiences to be had in your futures as you learn to navagate your new life and I am very honoured and thankful to be working with you. You are on the most amazing journey you will ever get to experience.

I greatly appreciate and look forward to guiding you in any way needed. Please also be aware that by booking with me, not only are you doing something amazing and loving for yourself and your twin, you are also helping me to help other twins, who for whatever reason otherwise would not have access to assistance, each booking made, helps your fellow twins and further helps with the ascention process.

I have tried to keep my prices as low as possible. Please if you feel you desperately need my guidance,  I am quite happy to extend the times given below to give you all the help I can for no extra cost.  If you are serious and have come to a point where you need help/guidance then you will take the action to begin to heal within and change your reality and I am really proud of you for taking the steps needed. 


$88CAD one half hour session

$150 one hour session

$212 for Three half hour sessions

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